Key dates

Some of the local people who did what the banner says 'SAY NO TO MCCARTHY AND STONE'

Events to date

26 November 2003 - McCarthy and Stone's first planning application to build on this site was rejected by the Council (reference BH2003/02944/FP)

14 January 2005 - McCarthy and Stone's second planning application for the site was rejected by the Council (reference BH2004/03459/FP). The developer appealed to the Planning Inspectorate and an appeal date of 7/8 February 2006 was set but the developer withdrew their appeal on 16 September 2005. 

2015 - McCarthy and Stone start confidential negotiations with the owners of 46 to 54 Old London Road to acquire an interest to purchase their properties for sums in excess of the market value

7 March 2016 - McCarthy and Stone wrote to some residents in immediate vicinity of the development to announce their intentions to try for the third time to build a retirement complex on the site

24 March 2016 -  residents in the immediate vicinity were invited to meet with representatives of McCarthy and Stone

27 April 2016 - public exhibition of their plans by McCarthy and Stone. Drop in any time between 3.30pm and 7pm. St Thomas More's Hall, Braybon Avenue where it joins Carden Avenue, Patcham, BN1 8HG

4 May 2016 - 150 people came to All Saints Church to hear an impassioned speech by Councillor Geoff Theobald against McCarthy and Stone's plans for 44 retirement flats in Old London Road. "I can't think of a more inappropriate place to have this" he said to spontaneous applause from an audience who raised a wide number concerns including parking, traffic, spoiling the character of the area, loss of trees and questions about the impact on the flood risk. Jeanette Walsh and Nicola Hurley from the Council's planning team were there to explain the planning application process and hear residents' concerns. The venue for the meeting had to be changed at short notice to accommodate the numbers attending. For a fuller report of the meeting and to see the slides presented see the downloads at the foot of this page.

13 May 2016 - press article 'Patcham "under siege" from new housing projects' in Brighton and Hove Independent:

 11 May 2016 - press article  

New Patcham care home garners opposition before plans are even submitted in Brighton and Hove News:

 27 May 2016 -McCarthy and Stone submitted their planning application on-line to the Council for the 'erection of 44 Assisted Living apartments for older persons (C2 use) with associated communal facilities, parking and landscaping following the demolition of the existing buildings' Planning Applucation number: BH2016/01961

1 June 2016 - article published in Patcham Post magazine:

16 June 2016 - The Council have said that the application is currently invalid and a letter was sent to the applicant's agent yesterday. The planning section of the Council's website gives the reasons as: 1) Provide existing elevations to metric scale 1:100 with paper size and metric scale bar 0-10 metres. This is required to compare the existing elevations to what they will be replaced with. 2) Please annotate the site plan with a North Point

21 June 2016 - 50 residents gather in Old London Road to protest about McCarthy and Stone's plans

24 June 2016 - Brighton and Hove Independent article on page 14 about McCarthy and Stone's application being deemed invalid. Also on-line:

1 July 2016 - article published in Patcham Post magazine (page 6). Also on-line:

8 July 2016 - Brighton and Hove City Council updated their website to give the current reason for the planning application being invalid is 'No SUDS report with Application and this is a requirement for all Major Applications.' (SUDS stands for sustainable drainage systems which are expected in all new developments unless the developer can provide a valid reason why they are not suitable)

8 July 2016 - planning application delared valid for 'Demolition of existing Buildings and erection of a 3 Storey building containing 44 residential dwellings (C2) with associated communal facilities,parking and landscaping'

12 July 2016 - Application registered by Council and requested comments on the proposals

28 July 2016 - milestone of 100 objections reached and still counting

1 August 2016 - article published page 8 of Patcham Post magazine

3 August 2016 - milestone of 200 objections reached and still counting

10 August 2016 - the next milestone of 300 objections recahed and still counting

23 August 2016 - re-consultation starts due to the developer not showing the solar panels on the original plans and due to having reissue the Statement of Comunity Involvement due to errors

2 September 2016 -McCarthy and Stone issued an update on its trading position which confirms that whilst they are cautious post-Brexit, they have ample cash reserves and very buoyant growth prospects: the ‘Group remains in a strong financial position, with c.£52m of net cash at the year end... We continue to capitalise on increasing demand for retirement housing driven by the UK's rapidly ageing population and have delivered strong growth in completions, reservations and profit this year.... The Group has again added good-quality sites with attractive embedded margins into its land bank.’

5 September 2016 - article published in Patcham Post magazine (page 22). Also on-line:

 9 September 2016 - deadline for comments on re-consultation

18 November 2016 -McCarthy and Stone appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the Council's failure to issue a decision on the planning application

15 December 2016 - the Council's Flood Risk Officer recommends that the application is refused due to flood risk, the absence of evacuation plans and inadequate information on drainage proposals

15 December 2016 - The Planning Inspectorate confirm this is the start date for the appeal.

3 January 2017 - article re the appeal:

5 January 2017 - article re the appeal, page 28:

11 January 2017- Planning Committee unanimously turned down the the Application. watch online:

Press coverage:

1 February 2017 - article published on page 40 of February 2017 issue of Patcham Post:

2 February 2017 - Latest date for any further comments that people wished to make to the Planning Inspectorate on the application

1 March 2017 - article published on page 26 of March 2017 issue of Patcham Post:

3 April 2017 - special meeting of Brighton and Hove Council planning committee to receive privileged legal advice regarding McCarthy and Stone's appeal

1 May 2017 Article titled "A vital few days for Patcham" published on page 30 in May issue of Patcham Post:

23 May 2017 - meeting of Patcham Local Action Team discussed the planning application and what people could do if they did not want it to go ahead. 7pm Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road (by the library)

May 2017 - McCarthy and Stone are advertising on the Prime Location website 2 bedroom flats in the development from £453,000 and one bedroom flats from £339,000. 

1 June 2017 - Article 'Decision time for Old London Road' published on page 30 of June issue of Patcham Post:

12 June 2017 -

13 June 2017 - day 1 of Planning Inquiry by Planning Inspector, Katie Child. (10 am till 5pm) The focus was on the flood risk and the Council's flood risk officer, Maggie Moran, and the developer's expert witness, Paul Jenkin, both gave their evidence. It was then the turn of members of the public to start giving their views on the development and three residents from the Old London Road gave their comments. To read about the opening statements of both parties:

14 June 2017 - day 2 of Planning Inquiry by Planning Inspector, Katie Child. (10 am to 6.15 pm): In the morning, over 20 residents gave their views on the development which covered many objections, and ranged from the very technical, factual to the emotional reflecting the passion people feel about this development. 

Expert witnesses (Kenneth Burns and Alex Childs for McCarthy and Stone and Sarah Collins for the Council) presented evidence on the acceptability of the appearance of the development and were questioned by members of the public.

Read more about the views of some of the residents:

15 June 2017 - The Inquiry by the Planning Inspector ended today with a visit to Old London Road at lunchtime. This followed discussions about how much the developer pays in financial contributions (a total of £66,000) and the planning conditions in the event that the development goes ahead. There were then closing statements by the Council and developer.

See press:

1 July 2017 - Article about the Planning Inquiry ('Old London Road - the final decision') in the July 2017 issue of Patcham Post, page 34

14 August 2017 - The Planning Inspectorate published their decision to refuse planning permission for McCarthy and Stone's development in Old London Road because of its impact on the character of appearance of the street:

Press coverage:

Page 24 of the September 2017 issue of The Post magazine 'Old London Road is saved by Planning Inspectorate'

9/09/17 -  'Money Box' on BBC Radio 4 reported that most buyers sell McCarthy and Stone flats at a loss. The programme visited a McCarthy and Stone development in Yorkshire where over half the flats have been sold at a loss compared to the purchase price, for example a flat bought for £166,000 was re-sold for £70,000, and another flat bought for £140,000 was re-sold for £58,000. The item on McCarthy and Stone starts at 15 mins 40 seconds into the programme:

5 July 2018 - Brighton and Hove Council start consultation on draft City Plan part 2 ( which includes proposals for 30 new residential units at 46 to 54 Old London Road

20 August 2018 - news article '30 homes earmarked for flood-prone Brighton land'

 28 August 2018 - Public meeting. Sandra Rogers and Steve Tremlett of the Council’s Planning Policy Team who wrote the draft City Plan came to the Patcham Local Action Team (LAT) meeting at the Patcham Community Centre to talk about the Plan and answer any questions. They made clear that any development was likely to be flats. They have written to all 5 owners of the existing properties on the site to establish that the site is likely to be available, ie they are prepared to sell their properties to a developer.

1 September 2018 Article page 10 of The Post Magazine 'Re-development of Old London Road'

13 September 2018 - end date for consultation responses

2019 - ownership of two of the properties (numbers 48 and 50) on the site changed with families moving in.

March 2020 - the latest draft version of the City Plan has removed Old London Road as a potential development site commenting 'The Council is not satisfied that the site is available for development and the allocation has therefore been removed from the City Plan.' 

It is good news that the prospect of inappropriate redevelopment of this attractive part of Patcham has now become less likely. 

The Tourism, Development and Culture committee and the full Council will publish the ‘Proposed Submission’ version of the City Plan part 2 for further consultation.

 Once agreed by the Council, the Plan will be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination by a planning inspector. If the inspector considers it to be ‘sound’ then the Council can ‘adopt’ it. The adoption decision will be made by both Tourism, Development and Culture Committee and then Full Council.


McCarthy and Stone public meeting slides 4 May 2016

These slides are based on our understanding of the proposals as at 4 May 2016. Note that McCarthy & Stone are actively developing their plans so the final plans they submit are likely to be different.

McCarthy and Stone public meeting report 4 May 2016

Notes on some of the points covered at the public meeting on 4 May. If anyone would like any further information, please contact us via the contact details on the Contact Us page.