Reactions to the plans being turned down

The Planning Inspector said that the flood risk is acceptable, but many local people remember the floods of 2000/01

Some of the emails and Facebook comments from local people in August 2017 on hearing that the McCarthy and Stone plans had been turned down……

‘This is brilliant news and will come as a great relief to so many Patcham residents’ (Geoffrey Theobald, Councillor)

‘It is a great outcome. Credit to you and residents for the hard work to make the case’ (Lee Wares, Councillor)

 'Well done to everyone involved' (Carol Theobald, Councillor)

 ‘Good to see that good sense on behalf of the inspectorate has prevailed’

‘Brilliant and thank you for all you’ve done, and everybody else who fought the invasion’

'We submitted our objection letter in support and managed to come to the meeting at the town hall which showed the true spirit of Patcham out in force supporting one another.  Let us know hope that this has now been put to bed and they go off somewhere else and Patcham stays the unique village that it is'

‘A big thank you to everyone who objected’

‘Great news for Old London Road and all the residents of Patcham’

‘Fantastic news, well done, just shows what power a community has when they pull together’

‘Patcham will thankfully remain the pretty village it is’

‘Congratulations! Actually I did not think that the inspector would approve it, it was just too big and dominating’

‘Great news for us all, well done’

‘A really great result for all of us in Patcham and Brighton’

‘We will all have drink to that and pat ourselves on the back’

‘Fabulous - so good that the 'little people' still have the power to stop the giant money grabbers! I am so pleased that Patcham is retaining its inherent character’

‘What a relief our village will stay the same’

‘That is the best news, brilliant’


‘Well done to everyone involved. This had to be the right decision for Patcham village’

‘Good news now I can continue to live happy in Patcham village!!!! Well done all the people who helped’

‘Wow. Amazing news and a great relief! Well done us’

‘Fantastic news. Well done everyone that made our voices heard’ 

‘Delighted to hear this! Absolutely the right decision for our village!’


‘That's great news. So pleased. Patcham Village will retain its character, which is just as it should be. Well done.’